Hilden Pools design and construction service you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. We can design and construct reinforced concrete pools, with a tiled finish. The cheaper alternative to a tiled concrete pool is installing the ever popular liner pool.

We construct two types of liner pools, the first method is using concrete blocks, these are laid flat on there side, with each course bonded, which forms a solid concrete wall of great stability and durability. This method of construction is traditional and cost saving to any other liner pool construction.

The other method is the heat retaining panel system. This pool has been developed with a unique system of interlocking heat retaining wall thermal panels guaranteeing unbelievable energy savings while sustaining warm water temperature. This method of construction is modern and will save you money on energy costs.

After an initial site inspection, we will discuss what your requirements are and how best we could put your dreams on to paper and then into your property. We can draw up your plans, which will satisfy all current planning & buildings regulations and assist you with your application, if necessary.

Authorities do not insist on planning permission for building a private swimming pool in your garden, unless it is situated in front of the building line. If you contemplating erecting an enclosure over the pool, then planning permission is required.

We will arrange a full schedule of the work to be completed, at a time, convenient to you. All the way through the build you will have constant contact with us to keep you up to date with progress.

During the construction, we will endeavour to keep the disruption to your normal life to a minimum, but where disruption is unavoidable, we will try to give notice of this and keep everything as clean as possible.

The project will not be finished until you are completely satisfied with your new pool.

For a free site survey and no obligation quote call us today on 01622 600095 or click on contact us and let Hilden pools turn your dream into a reality..

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